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SWCFC Football Law Changes 2019/20 Season September 5th 2019
Please find below a summary of law changes for the season 2019/20 - these changes came into effect June 2019
  • Coin toss winners can now pick ends or kick off
  • Drop balls no longer contested
  • Ball strikes referee and possession changes - drop ball awarded to the team who had possession
  • Goal kicks defenders can touch the ball inside the penalty area
  • Free kicks attackers must be 1M away from an defending wall of 3 or more players
  • Yellow/red cards for coaches
  • Handball changes no goal can now be scored if the last touch was by hand
  • Penalties goalkeeper cannot touch the goal before a kick and must stand with one foot on the line, they cannot stand behind the line
  • Substitutes when substituted a player leaves the pitch by the nearest touchline
  • Sin Bins any dissent caution is now punished with a sin bin (10 minutes for 90 minute matches and 8 minutes for shorter duration matches)
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