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News: Club Statement March 25 2017

Earlier in March, a series of positive votes were taken to establish a new youth football club ? Saffron Walden Community Football Club (SWCFC). Members of both Spartak Saffron Walden Youth and Saffron Walden Town Youth FC, voted overwhelmingly in favour of unifying the two clubs under a new name, and this was also endorsed unanimously by the Saffron Walden Town FC Ltd Board on 15th March. Since those votes, we are delighted to say that the Football Association (FA) has also given their endorsement to the establishment of the new club.

The stated aim of merger is simple:

To create the best possible conditions, structures and facilities to support youth and other football development in Saffron Walden and the surrounding area, delivering benefits to young players, the town and the wider District, while doing so in a manner which supports excellence, while also promoting inclusivity and supporting diverse needs and delivering for all.

We believe the new SWCFC set-up is a fantastic opportunity to bring these aims to fruition, and we are committed to driving forward that vision as the new interim Board of Directors for the club. We see huge potential benefits of the new set-up, including pooling of resources, expertise and volunteer skills, better ability to organise teams at the right level and provide as diverse a range of teams/offers as possible, better opportunity to secure funding to support improved facilities, and better opportunity to share facilities. The club will be a registered charity, and run on the basis of FA best practice as a Charter Standard Community Award club. The new club will also succeed Spartak as a "parent" club of PSG, along with Plantation, which will continue in its current form.

We are already seeing the fruits of joint working, with a successful recent linked funding bid to UDC for coach training, and joint training events at Herbert's Farm for Child Safeguarding and Emergency First Aid being oversubscribed. In the coming months we expect to see further strong demand for these courses, bringing benefits not just to the new club, but the whole community.

We also want to be very clear that every young player at our club will be equally valued, and we are committed to football for all. While of course we want to develop the very best players we can, a key focus will be on ensuring, "football for all", and being as inclusive a club as we can be.

The new interim Board of SWCFC had its first meeting on 22nd March and is working hard together to drive forward arrangements ahead of season 2017/18. We are determined that we will be as prepared as possible for the new season.

Further information will be forthcoming in the next few weeks as we put detailed plans in place. In the meantime, if you have any particular questions please contact SWCFC Secretary Keith Mullins at: mullinsk78@gmail.com . Alternatively, feel free to raise anything with one of your coaches, or any of the SWCFC Interim Board members (listed below).

Martin Johnson & Matt Clare, Co-Chairs,
SWCFC 28 March 2017

Saffron Walden Community Football Club (SWCFC) Interim Board Members: James Broughall, Matt Clare, Lee Dorrington, Jason Hindle, Martin Johnson, Keith Mullins, Brian Peggs, Tony Saward, Vince Taylor, Rob Thurston

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